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Handy Club Etiquette

Joining a Toastmasters club can be intimidating at first, especially a club with over 60 years of history.  Don't worry, we have this handy guide to the Hi-Noon club etiquette.  Remember, Hi-Noon Toastmasters is a safe environment where mistakes are okay and learning experiences are valued.


Hi-Noon Toastmasters does not have a dress code.  However, we ask politely that you don't wear revealing clothing.  Come as you are, whether in jeans or a suit, and be ready to learn.


"Return Control"

When you are the Toastmaster or General Evaluator, you will "return control" of the meeting to either the Toastmaster (if you are General Evaluator) or the Presiding Officer (if you are Toastmaster).  Remember to state "I return control of the meeting to [X]."  DO NOT "Turn Over" the meeting to that person, for a meeting can never be turned over onto itself.


Eliminate Unnecessary Statements

As Toastmasters, we help each other become better communicators.  This includes reminders to eliminate filler words and common statements that add no value to your communication.  Examples include:

  • "Um...Uh...Ah..." - we have an entire club role dedicated to helping with these.

  • "So...Like…" - avoid filler words between sentences.  It's okay to pause and gather your thoughts.

  • "I would like to tell you...I want to tell you..." -  learn to use concise active statements.  Don't want or like to tell us, just tell us.  Jump right into the point or the story and engage us immediately.


Do Not Park in Visitor Spaces

We are guests at Farm Bureau, but we are not Visitors.  In consideration of Farm Bureau allowing us to utilize their facility, we ask that all Hi Noon members park in non-visitor parking spaces.


Lectern, Not Podium

The Hi-Noon Toastmaster meeting room has a lectern that is used by the presiding officer, toastmaster of the meeting, and speakers.  It is a lectern, a slant-topped high desk used by a speaker.  It IS NOT a podium, which is a raised platform on which a speaker stands.


Speakers Shake the Toastmaster's Hand

The Toastmaster of the meeting will introduce the speakers.  When they introduce the speaker, they will shake the hand of the speaker before returning to their seat.  Likewise, at the time the speaker finishes, they will turn to the Toasmaster and reference "Mr./Madam Toastmaster".  The speaker will wait for the Toastmaster to shake their hand before returning to their seat.  This is a sign of respect and gratitude.


Feel Free to Bring Lunch

We understand that a meeting at noon can cut into your lunch break.  We encourage our members to bring their lunch as needed and there are no issues eating quietly during the meeting.  Please remember that we are guests in the building and remember to always clean up your seating area at the conclusion of the meeting.


Role Replacement

Although we have a quarterly schedule and assign roles in advance, there will be situations where a Toastmaster will be unable to fill their role.  It is that Toastmasters responsibility to contact another Hi Noon Toastmaster to fill the role.  Using the schedule, they can begin calling fellow Toastmasters without a role until a replacement is found.


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